The Chatham Ice Caves, officially known as the Rock River Canyon Ice Caves are located off of M-94 approximately 1.5 west of Chatham.  Take Eban Road north to Frey Road and head east and look for the signs. 

As you might expect, this happens in the winter and early spring. The UP has snow and ice in abundance to create this unique display of winter.  The ice caves are on Federal property but the public has been granted the privilege to  cross private property to shorten the walk into the site.  Check the Information Monument Sign for the details.

Hurry to see it when it's available, Spring will not be far away.

Please click on the images below for larger photographs.

Information about the Ice Caves Chatham Ice Caves 1 Chatham 	Ice Caves 2
Chatham Ice Caves Chatham Ice Caves Perspectives of Size

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