The Pine Marten Run is a 26 mile system of hiking and horseback riding trails located in the Ironjaw Semi-primitive Area approximately 3 miles north of Thunder Lake.  The trail system has three trail heads located on County Road 440 and 437 and Forest Road 2258.   Parking for vehicles with horse trailers are available at all three trail heads.  Toilets are also available at all three trail heads but water is ONLY available at the CR440 trail head. 

Camping is allowed at the trail heads for up to 16 days without a permit.  Manure should be scattered in the woods before leaving.  Permits ARE REQUIRED for camping on Swan Lake, Triangle Lake and Ironjaw Lake and all manure must be removed.   Adirondack shelters have been built on Rim Lake, Rumble Lake and along the Indian River.

There are five separate trail loop.  They are: Rumble Loop - 4.3 miles with access from FR 2258 south of the Indian River Bridge. Approximately one mile of this loop is open to motorized vehicles so users should exercise caution. This segment crosses the Mike White Sharptail Grouse Management Area as it traverses rolling hills of beech birch and maples as it loops around Dinner and Sprinkler Lake.  

Swan Loop - 3.0 mile loop with access from FR 2258 just north of of the intersection with County Rd 440. This segment circles Swan Lake, a popular camping site. The terrain of this segment is composed of pine plantations interspersed with hardwoods and hemlocks. The trail is fairly level.

Ironjaw Loop - 4.6 miles in length, it is located in the middle of the Ironjaw Area. This segment can be accessed from all the other loops except Trianble Lake. It can be reached via FR 2733, shich is the access road to the permit campsite on Ironjaw Lake. The loop provides senic vistas of Verdant and Ironjaw Lake.

Hardwood Loop - this loop is 6.4 miles long and can be accessed just north of CR440 where it intersects with FR 2728. Traversing the central portion of the Ironjaw Semi-Primitive Area, it circles Spud Lake at the north end. This loop presents a wide variety of plant communities and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Triangle Loop - 5.7 miles long with access from CR 437 just south of the Indian River Bridge and the Canoe launch. One of the branches of this loop leads to the Adirondack shelter on the Indian River.

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