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Welcome to Thunder Lake!

We are here to make your vacation stay in our beautiful neck of the woods memorable.  Located in the central UP, we are 2 hours West of the Mackinaw bridge and 3 hours from Green Bay, WI.  We offer a choice between cozy lakeside cabins to a 15 guest lakeside lodge for large gatherings or a secluded private home nestled in the serenity of our natural forest. Monthly rentals available.

There are many things to do in our area but there is NOT a shopping mall a block away, NOT 10 different chain restaurants all serving the same food, just different seasoning and decor with a mascot of a captain, a king or a clown.

NO concrete jungles here but we do have over 100 waterfalls, 3 national parks ( Isle Royal, Pictured Rocks, and the Keweenaw National Historical Park ), a national recreational area (Grand Island), Seney National Wildlife Refuge and 15 state parks. You get the picture.

Give us a call 906-573-2731 or send us an Email and let us help you design a vacation in some of the most beautiful remaining wilderness territory in the United States. Your visit on Thunder Lake will create memories that will last a life time.

Please go to our Real Estate page and see our current Real Estate listings that are available and encourage you to dream or get real.

Patty and Dick

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